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Leverage our videos to facilitate employee education, retention, and productivity.

Informed Workplace

Help your employees make informed decisions regarding their benefits.

Increase Productivity

An informed workforce results in a high performing organization.

Enhance Retention

Competition among companies is fierce for employees who already have the training and experience needed. Keep your rockstars informed and happy.

Impact Experience

Highly engaged employees create delightful customer experiences.

Provide an Efficient and Creative Opportunity to Learn

Our open enrollment videos offer an engaging platform for insurance brokers and employers, to educate their employees on their health insurance benefits package and options. Medical and ancillary insurance coverage can be confusing. Our platform offers tools to provide an informative and consumer-friendly solution to the renewal process.

The FDF Video Open Enrollment Video Process

1. Benefits Questionnaire Completed

2. Video Scripts Drafted by FDF

3. Voice Over Recorded by FDF

Sent to Employer to Review and Approve

4. Video Animations Completed by FDF

Sent to Employer to Review and Approve

5. Final Product Distributed

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Why Choose Us

Custom Benefit Solutions

Every company is unique, and every benefits program is customized to the needs of the employer, which is why we build our open enrollment videos to the clients specification. After completing our simple on-boarding process with your FDF representative, all of your videos are white labeled to provide a branded aesthetic that engages and educates employees.

Dedicated FDF Representative

Our representatives find pride in the honest and efficient completion of their work. We lead by providing quality service and understand the importance of human interaction with our customers. Although parts of our process can be automated, we will always have a human answering the phone and supporting your needs.

Backup & Storage

Due to the PPACA, HIPPA, and the rules surrounding personal health information, we will not be collecting or displaying any information outside of plan design and contact information.

Supplementary Workplace Videos

Whether you're in the market for a detailed instructional video or a simple overview video, we are here to help. Our creative team will assist in scripting and design. There is no limit to how FDF can service your video-technology needs.

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