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If you are a business owner, do you know what a PPO is? If not, there’s a good chance your employees don’t know either. It is important to give your employees the tools to become well educated about their health insurance options. First Day Films can solve this problem with our PPO information videos . First, let’s discuss what a PPO means to your employees.

PPO Benefits Videos from First Day Films

A PPO is a Preferred Provider Organization. A PPO plan has a network of providers who operate under the PPO provisions. Employees do not need to get a referral from a primary care physician, but they will pay much higher charges if they use doctors or providers outside their network. There can also be deductibles that must be met before the insurance will take over. You will typically also see higher copays for all services. The advantage of a PPO plan is you can see anyone you like without having to use a referral process.

If your business does not have an HR or health plan representative who is well versed in PPO and other insurance plans, it can be very confusing for employees to figure out what might be best for them. By using First Day Films videos, you can provide your employees with information on insurance plans, open enrollment details, medical imaging, and other insurance-related topics. An example of a First Day Films video on PPO plans can be found on our YouTube channel at

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