What are Special Enrollment Periods?

You may have employees with special circumstances that would permit them to sign up for health insurance outside of the annual enrollment period. This is called a special enrollment period. Here are some situations which may qualify employees for special enrollment (the circumstances below are considered to be in the last 60 days unless otherwise indicated):

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Problem Employees in the Workplace and Our Solution

Every business has experienced employees who just weren’t right for that company for one reason or another. Despite our best attempts to find good employees, sometimes one will slip through the cracks and create issues. First Day Films can help in that regard, and we will discuss that at the end of the blog. But first, let’s look at some problem employee types:

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Employee Engagement Statistics You Need to Know

Employee engagement is a term that describes how employees feel about themselves in their jobs and also how they feel about their workplace. Disengagement occurs when employees either dislike their job, their workplace, or don’t understand the benefits of working for their company. First Day Films can assist in the latter subject because our expertise is developing short videos describing employee benefits, HR programs, or other topics. Employee studies are everywhere, but we have chosen some negative and positive effects when employees are or are not engaged:

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