Conflict Resolution within the Workplace

Workplace conflict can occur in a company at any time. People of many different personalities work together and sometimes they will clash. Managers need to be prepared to handle these conflicts as they arise, and here are some tips on conflict resolution that may prove useful.

Workplace Conflict Resolution

Listen carefully

There are two sides to every disagreement, and you need to carefully listen to both sides to clearly understand the issues. Listening does not mean you necessarily agree with any position, but it sends a clear message that you are empathetic and accepting the information you are given.

It is important to let each side state their position without interruption, and all questions should be held until both sides have spoken. There may be good ideas on both sides that can be combined for a successful resolution, but no one will know unless both sides are allowed to fully state their case.

Be neutral as you review the situation

When there is conflict, tension will be high and the parties may not be willing to listen. As a manager, you need to teach employees to respect others even if they don’t agree with them. Employees must also learn that their opinion is not always right and that their course of action may not be the right one. Once the disagreeing parties have spoken their case, they should take time to consider what they have heard and then work together to develop a compromise. Your job is not to decide for them, but mediate as they work toward a mutually acceptable decision. Encourage everyone to keep an open mind as they work together.

Stay calm as you discuss the conflict

As emotions run high, a disagreement can turn personal and fail to get a reasonable solution. Remain calm as you discuss the different perspectives of the conflict. Work hard to keep the discussion low key, and the parties will be more willing to keep it professional. It is important that people remain civil and don’t resort to yelling or name-calling.

Carefully find and review all the facts

Some conflicts can occur because one party doesn’t have all the facts of a situation. You should clarify all the points developed by both sides and make sure you have all the information and it is correctly documented. A successful resolution usually comes after a thorough investigation to fully understand the issues. Oftentimes one party may realize their position was based on emotion or opinion rather than the facts of the situation.

Work together to develop a solution

Now that all the facts have been determined and all parties have reviewed them, it is time to develop a path forward. Get all parties to address the issue, not their personal opinions of each other. Make sure everyone involved participates in the development of a solution. Conflict resolution must be all-inclusive to work successfully. If employees see that conflict can be resolved without personal attacks they may be able to use the process themselves in the future without your intervention or participation.

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