Custom Video Productions

Custom Video Productions

Our award-winning creative and production teams will produce and deliver bespoke videos in an expedient manner. Sales videos? Training and Development videos? We can handle them all.

man using video camera

Video is Better Than Plain Text:

Employees are more likely to retain information from a video than a written text. First Day Films can help you break the written text barrier by creating employee relations and benefits videos that are customized for your company. You tell us the subject and give us relevant information about what you want to be communicated, and we will create one or a series of videos to effectively transfer that information to your employees.

Increase Workforce Engagement

The time is now—using video to engage and educate your employees is becoming the industry standard. With digitized content, you’re able to disseminate information that resonates with your employees in a way that is consistent and accurate. Our videos are even compatible with mobile devices—let your employees consume content whenever and wherever.