Employee Benefits Navigation Pricing


Once employees finalize their benefits plan, the challenge becomes availing of these healthcare services. As your employee advocate, we provide support and education throughout the employee health journey

1 - 50 Lives

$.50. PEPM

301 - 500 Lives

$3.25 PEPM

51 - 100 Lives

4.50 PEPM

500+ Lives

$3.00 PEPM

101 - 300 Lives

$3.50 PEPM

1,000+ Lives


We craft Elegant Solutions With Powerful Technology

Brokers don't always have time to to answer frequently asked questions (FAQ) during the enrollment process. With our videotech and enrollment services, we free up both the broker and employers time by walking the employee through the basics of a new enrollment. Educating through videotech saves time and is the most efficient way to engage employees.