Employee Benefits Navigation


Let's face it. It is challenging enough to decide on the right benefits package.  And utilizing health care services can even be more daunting. At First Day Films, we provide support to your employee's healthcare services journey.

Professional Service Network

We bring together the expertise of doctors, nurses, healthcare policy experts, insurance specialists, social workers, and others to assist in navigating the healthcare system. We work hard to ensure the employee’s healthcare coverage gives them the benefits it is supposed to provide.

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Healthcare Options


  • Physician Referral
  • Insurance Disputes
  • Medical Bill Auditing & Disputes
  • Cost Navigator
  • RX Price Comparison
  • Medical Research
  • Prescription Dental & Vision Plans
  • Health Counselor
  • Bills & Forms Consolidation
  • Elder Care
  • Health Plan Review & Assessment
  • Hospitalization Prep & Booklet
  • Nursing Home, Assisted Living & Hospice

healthcare options

Benefits Administration & Management

Health advocacy has recently emerged as an important facilitator to help both employers and consumers better navigate health care and insurance.  Employees who have access to health advocacy are more focused on their jobs, increasing productivity, retention, and engagement. Health advocacy programs provide real-world cost reduction to both employees and employers.