How Many Videos Does First Day Films Offer?

First Day Films offers a video library to help educate employees on various health insurance topics. These videos can be customized for your company with your name and logo, thus allowing you to establish a video training library at your company.

Why is using video so important for employee education?

Employees Watching Video

Employee health is paramount — the health and well-being of your employees is critical for your company’s productivity and success. Keeping employees informed of their benefits also aids in employee retention, work performance, and optimum use of the benefits granted to them. Employees who feel they are valued will perform better, and knowing their employer cares about them having benefits information creates a positive work environment.

An informed workforce is crucial, as well — Companies have an obligation to inform their employees of the benefits offered as part of their employment. Our video library takes the hassle out of having to inform one employee after another about their benefits. You can make the library of videos available to them for self-training and education.

What does First Day Films’ video library consist of?

Our HR library consists of over 150 educational videos on a wide range of healthcare topics. In fact, the total is double that because we offer both English and Spanish versions of all videos.

  • 100 videos total in our silver tier
  • 200 videos total in our gold tier
  • 300+ videos total in our platinum tier

How can these videos help your company?

The benefits of employee education and well-being being are of course important, but it should also be noted that our video library makes employee education more efficient. This frees up HR employees for other tasks rather than dealing with routine benefits education. The use of First Day Films benefits videos also will speed up healthcare enrollment periods by having the needed training information already available in a video format.

For more information on how First Day Films can help you establish your customized library of healthcare information videos please call 833-422-7332.