How Video Increases Awareness

Numerous studies have shown that video content is excellent for learning when the content focuses on actions rather than theoretical concepts. Showing how to build a staircase is far more effective than describing in a video the computations needed for the riser and tread heights as an example.

Employees Watching Video

One study was performed by Guo, Kim, and Rubin which involved almost seven million video sessions watched by over 125,000 students. They found that:

  • Subjects lose interest when a video is longer than six minutes
  • A “talking head” or animation is more engaging than static slides
  • Video engagement is higher with videos having a more personal feel rather than highly-produced content
  • Live “classroom” videos aren’t engaging even if kept short
  • Faster speech and enthusiasm are more engaging

A Hubspot survey and other surveys found that people more than double their viewing time when video content is included. Static text pages won’t hold people’s interest. It’s clear that video content gets attention and the right videos will help your employees retain more information.

This is where First Day Films can help.

We create medical and HR education videos. Our videos are short, engaging, and connect directly to your insurance enrollment process or HR programs. We provide custom benefit solutions that are unique for each client. Because of HIPPA and other rules, we do not collect employee information nor do we store any information on the client other than our content and client contact information. For more information about First Day Films and how our video services can benefit your company please call 833-422-7332.