Medical Imaging is Necessary for Overall Health

The advances occurring in medical imaging over the last three decades have made medical diagnoses much easier and accurate. Medical professionals are able to interpret, diagnose, and treat medical issues more quickly and efficiently. Here are some reasons why medical imaging is critical to your ongoing health:

Easier Diagnosis

If you are having any illness or symptoms of a disease, the only way to investigate in the past might have been an invasive surgical procedure with the risks associated with anesthesia and infection. Medical imaging is non-invasive, allowing doctors and imaging specialists to look for the causes of your illness without having to resort to surgery or guesswork. Imaging can even be useful to avoid unnecessary medications. For example, a chest X-ray can determine if a patient has pneumonia requiring medications versus another illness.

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Longer Life Expectancy

Medical imaging has increased life expectancy for most people. As illnesses are diagnosed earlier, patients have gained an improved quality of life. As diagnoses and treatments for various ailments continue to improve, people should be able to enjoy longer life spans.

Early Detection Means Early Treatment

Medical diagnostic imaging has drastically cut the mortality rate of breast cancer because doctors can see earlier stages of the disease with imaging. Other improvements include easier detection of stroke-related blood clots and the presence of colon cancers just to give a couple of examples.

Reduced Risks

A great improvement in treatment has come with medical imaging because non-invasive imaging greatly reduces patient risk. Continuing improvements in imaging equipment have also reduced the risks of radiation due to imaging. 

Reduced Costs

Medical imaging in many instances will be a lower cost option than a surgical procedure for diagnosis. Prompt imaging can also reduce the length of hospital stays which also reduces costs.

Continuing Improvements in Technology

Imaging technology is not stagnant but is continuing to improve over time. Imaging radiation doses continue to be reduced for patient safety, while radiation treatments for cancer can be targeted more closely for faster treatment and fewer side effects. The medical imaging industry will continue to offer improvements and new technology to help patients get diagnosed and treated more quickly and efficiently.

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