Finally, the future of healthcare is here. Meet ELORA, the one mobile app that provides you with a wealth of healthcare services right at your fingertips. Consumers are already so connected via mobile devices, shouldn’t their healthcare be connected too? ELORA can provide you access to:

Meet Elora

  • Physician referrals
  • Insurance dispute services
  • Helpful information for selecting a health plan
  • Hospital visit preparation guide
  • Medical bill auditing and disputes
  • Health plan reviews and assessments
  • Cost navigator
  • Prescription drug price comparison
  • Elder care services
  • And much more!

There is currently no mobile-friendly app that combines all the functionality of ELORA. With current technology, you end up with a lot of different apps all providing one or two services and no way to consolidate or connect them. ELORA is the only healthcare app you will need in the future. Just-in-time healthcare is here, so start deleting all those other apps!

With ELORA you can:

Navigate employee benefits: Our advocacy counselors can help you navigate the complexities of your health plan, discuss other health plan options, review cost information, and reduce your stress by offering support while you recover from an injury or illness.

Access telemedicine: ELORA offers direct contact to medical practitioners anytime and anywhere. Your healthcare is our priority, and you have instant access to help when you need it.

Securely store documents: ELORA is secure and allows you to safely store your documentation — everything from a healthcare benefits booklet to a medical receipt.

Get prescription discounts: You have instant access to discounts at over 50,000 participating pharmacies with EloraRX. Simply enter the drug you need and the app will show local discounts available to you. There is much more to EloraRX that benefits you too, including insurance claims, drug management, and much more.

Access a wide range of videos: ELORA has access to First Day Films’ extensive employee benefits video library with currently over 150 various healthcare and insurance topics.

ELORA is available in different pricing models from those wanting only basic services to clients wanting the full range of services available for the app. The app is currently available for Apple iOS. For more information on ELORA or our other employee benefits videos or services please call First Day Films at 833-422-7332.

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