Open Enrollment Videos

Open Enrollment Videos


Custom Open Enrollment Productions

Take the hassle out of open enrollment with our custom open enrollment videos. Helping brokers, employers, and employees save time during the open enrollment period.

FDF Video Open Enrollment Process

Our Open Enrollment video process is streamlined and convenient for our clients:


  1. Benefits questionnaire completed by client
  2. Video script prepared by First Day Films and sent to client for approval
  3. Voiceover recorded by First Day Films, then sent to client for review
  4. Video animations are completed by First Day Films and sent to client for review
  5. Final video is completed and distributed

Provide an Efficient and Creative Opportunity to Learn

Each year during open enrollment your employees have to navigate the changes each plan offers to decipher which plan is best for them. Our open enrollment videos offer an engaging platform for insurance brokers and employers to educate their employees on their health insurance benefits packages and options.


Open Enrollment Videos are a Great Tool for New Hires

What do you do about new hires that are outside the enrollment period? By using the customized open enrollment video FDF offers at your open enrollment meetings, your new hire orientation can always offer consistent messaging and save additional time you might have spent preparing.

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