Problem Employees in the Workplace and Our Solution

Every business has experienced employees who just weren’t right for that company for one reason or another. Despite our best attempts to find good employees, sometimes one will slip through the cracks and create issues. First Day Films can help in that regard, and we will discuss that at the end of the blog. But first, let’s look at some problem employee types:

The Employee Who Doesn’t Fit

One employee who can create issues is the person who just doesn’t fit what is needed in that company. Perhaps they are too informal when some business formality is needed. Or, they can’t react quickly in a business requiring quick thinking. What can you do? Employees should be hired with a probationary period and clearly understand they are being evaluated. An internship is another way to evaluate potential employees. It is critical that performance reviews set clear standards to be met for continued employment.

Annoyed Employee

Employees Who Can’t Be Found

Some employees are chronically late or disappear at odd times to deal with personal issues. If an employee is expected to be at a workplace, the employer has the right to discipline or release that person if their attendance is spotty and a personal discussion about the issues doesn’t resolve the behavior. Clear guidelines and expectations are a must when an employee is hired. If they are not traveling for business, they need to be present.

The Rule Breaker

Employees may be hired who resent company policies and will try to break the rules to serve themselves. Or, they might be drinking or using drugs on the job. Regardless of the reason, the rules are there for all employees and need to be clearly stated and consistently enforced. There is also company liability if an employee drives recklessly or drinks during work and injures others.

The Badmouthing Employee

Employees who complain regularly about the company or their policies will impact morale. Complaining or badmouthing the company to customers will hurt business. When this happens there needs to be a clear discussion with any employee who exhibits this behavior. Sometimes these conversations can be awkward or cause a disgruntled employee to become defensive or upset; therefore, a video containing the correct behaviors can be the solution!


Employees who steal from their company affect the bottom line. Theft is more than just cash; employees may take information home to help friends in competition with your company, or they may want to leave and start their own company using your intellectual property. Regardless of the reason, theft cannot be tolerated.

How can First Day Films help your company?

We create videos for employee relations, medical programs, insurance, and company policy. Our videos can clearly state your company policies on a wide range of topics from attendance to theft. We work with you to meet your objectives and give you tools to minimize the negative impacts of bad employees on your business. Contact First Day Films today for more information at 833-422-7332.