Telemedicine is an Option Your Employees Will Love

Making telemedicine available to your employees can be positive for them, reduce your health care costs, and keep your health care program up to date. What is telemedicine and how can it be a benefit to your employees?


Telemedicine is a relatively new process that allows medical professionals to consult with patients remotely using an Internet connection. The earliest versions of this program started in the 1950s using telephones on a very limited basis. The last decade has shown exponential growth in the use of telemedicine, and it is becoming well accepted both by the medical profession and by consumers.

The term “telehealth” is sometimes used interchangeably with telemedicine, but it is different. Telehealth can also include non-medical consultations and services such as medical training, education, and other services. First Day Films’ employee advocacy programs in some cases can fall under the telehealth definition if your employees review our employee benefits videos remotely.

There are several benefits to using telemedicine as part of your health care program:

  • Employees take less time away from work
  • No commute or travel time is needed
  • Medical assistance can be offered to persons who are caregivers or childcare providers without them having to leave
  • The systems are secure and private
  • There is no exposure to other sick patients in a doctor’s office

Telemedicine is rapidly expanding, but here are just some of the current uses:

  • Follow-up to medical services or illnesses
  • Assistance with chronic diseases
  • Remotely check on post-hospitalization cases
  • Assisted living support
  • And much more

For more information on how telemedicine can assist your employees, please view our information video or call First Day Films at 833-422-7332.