Transform Your Workplace with Corporate Training Videos

Research has shown that humans are wired to learn by observation. That is why online videos are so popular. Why take hours to read an instruction manual when you can learn quickly and easily by watching a video? This is the philosophy behind First Day Films corporate training videos. Our videos are concise yet thorough and allow employees to learn about your corporate programs or benefits online and on their schedule. Here are some reasons why good corporate videos can transform your marketplace:

Coworkers Watching Video

Videos can make complicated subjects easier to understand — A good video can take a complicated corporate program or benefits summary and break it down into easily understood segments. First Day Films are experts in putting together videos that work well across any organization.

A video can convert resistance into acceptance — When some employees hear about new procedures or complex benefit packages being put into place, they can resist the change because the subject seems to difficult to understand and they don’t want to take the time to learn about it. By creating simple video programs, they can absorb this information at their own pace and companies can experience a much higher acceptance rate.

Technical concepts can be learned more easily — If your company needs to train employees on technical concepts or procedures, a video can help create a positive learning environment. Many companies need to teach new procedures that may not need a technical background but must be followed to prevent accidents, injuries, or product defects. Training videos from First Day Films can make learning more efficient and cost-effective.

Good videos can create an emotional connection — Some benefit packages may include options that employees may feel are unnecessary or costing them more because they don’t see how they help anyone. A video incorporating a testimonial from another employee who has benefitted from these options can help create an emotional connection with other employees.

If you would like more information on how training videos can help your company, please call First Day Films at 833-422-7332.

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