Understanding Co-Insurance

Co-insurance is that part of any medical services payment that is due from you after any deductions and insurance payments are made. Co-insurance typically comes into play after your annual deductible has been satisfied. Until that time you may be required to pay 100% of any medical services.

Understanding Co-Insurance from First Day Films

Another factor in what you will owe involves out-of-pocket limits. Most insurance coverage has an initial deductible which must be met to be eligible for co-insurance. However, you must continue to pay co-insurance through the rest of the year unless you reach the annual out-of-pocket limit. At that point, you will no longer be required to make co-insurance payments until the next plan year.

Here are examples of how co-insurance works:

Doctor visit — $100 is charged to you for a doctor visit. If you haven’t reached your deductible you will owe $100. Once the deductible is reached a typical co-insurance might be 20%. Therefore you would pay $20 for each visit.

Hospital or medical procedure — Charge is $12,000. If the deductible is $3000 you are responsible for that amount. Co-insurance of 20% is then charged against the $9000 remaining so you are responsible for $1800. Therefore, you would be responsible for a total of $4800. Co-insurance payments will be required for future services until you reach the limit for the plan year.

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