Video is Better Than Plain Text

If you are trying to convey important information to your employees, it may be convenient to create a written document and distribute it to them. Are you sure the information is being understood or even read by your employees? It is a fact that a video is far more effective in transmitting information than a plain text document.

Part of engaging your employees is not only giving them information but using emotions, perhaps some humor, and case studies involving real situations. This makes the information real and will capture their attention and interest. A written document may meet the letter of the law or your business policies but it may not be effectively reaching your employees.

Coworkers Watching Video

To convey information effectively you must be:

  • Convincing
  • Engaging
  • Emotionally involved

Employees are more likely to retain information from a video than a written text. First Day Films can help you break the written text barrier by creating employee relations and benefits videos that are customized for your company. You tell us the subject and give us relevant information about what you want to be communicated, and we will create one or a series of videos to effectively transfer that information to your employees.

In today’s world, people are more and more accustomed to receiving information in video form. News outlets create video news, magazines are converting to video content, and the entertainment industry is constantly battling for your attention on streaming media. Take advantage of that concept and let First Day Films create customized videos to educate your employees on benefits, policies, or other information important to them.

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