What Do Our Employee Advocacy Services Entitle You To?

First Day Films offers employee benefit and open enrollment educational videos. We also offer our Employee Advocacy Services because healthcare is complicated. We act on behalf of your employees to provide them a wide range of referral and information services. Our advocacy services include:

Employees Sitting Together
  • Booklets for “Preparing for Your Hospitalization” and “Selecting a Health Plan”
  • Health plan reviews and assessments
  • Physician referrals
  • Insurance dispute advocacy
  • Medical bill audits and disputes services
  • Eldercare
  • Nursing home, hospice, and assisted living services
  • Prescription drug price comparisons
  • Vision, dental, and prescription drug programs
  • Medical research support
  • Bills and forms consolidation support services

Our advocacy services bring together a wide range of specialists in many fields to support your employees. This includes:

  • Healthcare experts in policy and ethics
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Social workers
  • Insurance professionals
  • Attorneys

All of these experts work with you and your insurers to ensure that your healthcare programs work as expected. We can fight for your employees’ insurance rights if needed. We also can help employees with their health by offering life coaching services to give them the right tools for healthy living.

First Day Films’ Employee Advocacy Services are part of our employee benefits programs. We also produce open enrollment training and information videos. This allows your employees to easily learn about their health insurance benefits programs and options. Medical and other insurance coverages can be complex and confusing — let First Day Films simplify the process with our videos and Employee Advocacy Services. Contact us for more information at 833-422-7332 or info@fdfnow.com.

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