What is a Catastrophic Plan?

A catastrophic health plan is one that can be purchased with relatively low premiums but will primarily cover a major accident or illness. The buyer is responsible for paying most of their normal medical bills not covered under these plans. What is covered includes:

What is a Catastrophic Plan

  • Essential health benefits required by all federal Marketplace plans
  • Some preventive services
  • Up to three visits to your primary physician each year before you have met your deductible

Only people who are under 30 years of age or who meet the criteria for a hardship or affordability exemption are eligible to purchase catastrophic health plans. Also, you cannot use a premium tax credit to reduce the cost of any catastrophic plan. Per HealthCare.gov, the deductible for 2020 for all catastrophic plans is $8,150.00. After you spend that amount the insurance company will pay for all covered expenses with no copay or coinsurance.

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