What is Employee Benefits Navigation?

First Day Films is offering a comprehensive healthcare assistance program called Employee Benefits Navigation. This is a membership service that provides a wide range of employee services. Healthcare and insurance are complex issues and getting the most from healthcare coverage can seem daunting. First Day Films’ Employee Benefits Navigation services can help.

Here is some of what our Employee Benefits Navigation service provides:

Professional Service Network

We bring together the expertise of doctors, nurses, healthcare policy experts, insurance specialists, social workers, and others to assist in navigating the healthcare system. We work hard to ensure the employee’s healthcare coverage gives them the benefits it is supposed to provide.

Finding Service Providers

We will help them find the right primary care physician or specialist who meets their needs. We will also help find the best pricing for any procedure they need.


Our Navigation service will work to resolve insurance disputes to keep an employee from being burdened with large insurance claims. We will also help find the best prices for prescriptions.

Medical Research

We will assist with research to understand any medical conditions that have developed. We can also help determine sources of treatment for new conditions and clarify what treatment options may be available.


If an employee needs surgery we provide a hospitalization booklet that offers information to help during their hospital stay.

If an employee must travel for a medical procedure or surgery, the Navigation service can assist with travel and lodging planning.

Elder Services

We provide information and help navigate the complex issues of:

  • Elder care services
  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted living
  • Hospice services

We can help find these services and help them understand their options and costs for various elder care services.

There is more to this program than we have summarized here. Our goal with First Day Films Employee Benefits Navigation services is to make an employee’s life journey less stressful as they require insurance, healthcare, surgery, or elder care services. For more information about this service or other First Day Films employee benefits services or videos please call 833-422-7332.